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Jane Melhem

“We are very happy with our tutor Priya. Caitlin has a great relationship with her and she is helping her improve her maths marks.”


“Hi, i  just to let u know that Lachlan has improved so much that we want to stop the tutoring for now and we want to see him do things on his own now to see how he goes .  If he starts to struggle I will definitely call u back. Your tutor  has been fantastic. He wouldn’t of done it without her. I really recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for your help. Talk to you soon. Thanks again.”


“I have enjoyed my time with my tutor who was very helpful. She cared about my education and wanted me to live up to my potential.”


“I have researched many tutoring facilities and found this one to be the best. The tutors are passionate, caring and effective in getting the results I wanted for my children.”


“Fantastic experience, professionally run and very friendly  for young people. Great team working coherently to identify the learning opportunities and helping them develop. Huge thank you to Home Tutoring Melbourne and the team.”


“Dedicated tutors that work at a professional level to help every child with their needs individually. The tutoring targets to help improve a students weaknesses and reinforce their strengths. Best experience.”


“Great learning experience. A lot of caring and nurturing for young minds.”


“Very helpful, been getting english tutoring for the past 6 years and I have never been unhappy. I have been getting much better results at school ever since!!”


“An awesome experience for  my children who enjoyed the  learning the tutor provided . My children ended last year ahead of their class and are looking forward to re enrolling this year. Thanks Home Tutoring Melbourne and team.”


“Very professional and dedicated team, If you want great results and learning made easy and fun, these are the tutors to call!”


“Would not use any other tutoring company for my children.  The tutors are dedicated to helping each child at any level learn at the pace they are comfortable at, which is not always provided in primary school classes.”

Maree S

“My children have loved every minute of tutoring thanks to the tutor provided to me from Home Tutoring Melbourne! Fantastic! Highly recommended.”


“My children have loved every minute of tutoring ! Fantastic! Highly recommended. Thanks team”


“Very good teaching, Tutors know how to  teach and know how to get results.”

Steven T

“Thorough, informative and fun tutoring experience. Well done!”


“Dedicated, and experienced tutors ready to share their knowledge with students to successfully improve their academic skills.”


“Home Tutoring Melbourne have been providing tutors to me for 3 years. I have been to many tutoring centres and had a few different home tutors and I must say, it is one of the best places with reasonable pricing . They offer many different courses with 1 on 1 support. Thanks for helping me.”