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Online Tutoring Available




Prep to Year 6
$65 (Hourly sessions)

Year 7 to Year 12 (including adult tutoring)
$70 (Hourly sessions)

Our sessions can be booked in blocks of
1 hour or
1.5 hours or
2 hours

Tutoring sessions booked for more than 2 hours at a time will vary depending on each client’s needs.

Tutoring at our educational canter in Essendon is also available.

If you prefer to attend out Tutoring Centre, please contact us for further information.

Home Tutoring Melbourne Tutor


Independent Tutor

Hand-picked tutors who can deliver amazing results to student learning.

Undergo rigorous training and have access to excellent resources.

Background checks on all tutors.

Tutoring in your own home or a public space.

Personal service.

Rigorous interview process.

Guaranteed content knowledge.

Smooth transition between tutors if a tutor may not be a perfect match with a student.

We remain competitive and affordable.

As a professional organisation.

Cost $65 – $70 per hour.

Anyone can advertise a tutoring service.

No standard of training.

No background checks required.

In your home or public space.

Personal service.

No interview processes.

Content knowledge not guaranteed.

You need to go back to the drawing board and find another tutor by going through hundreds that may be available on gumtree, indeed etc.

Can be affordable but ranges in price, however who are these tutors?

Cost- $15 to $120 per hour.