How to Spot Students That May Have DYSLEXIA

The reality of student learning is that they all learn at different rates. Some quicker than others. What’s always been frustrating for me as a teacher is not knowing why certain students absorb and process information relatively quickly while others take longer. Students diagnosed with dyslexia can present in this manner and often when working with these students I look for the following signs before I have the discussion with parents to investigate this further

  1. Students who generally rely on phonetics to spell words rather than thinking about spelling rules.
  2. Students who find comprehension difficult even literal comprehension.
  3. Students who constantly lose their place while reading and tend to skip words or entire lines.
  4. Students who find it difficult to decode words in isolation or words in a list.
  5. Students who read a word correctly in one part of the text and get it wrong in another part.
  6. Students who may have a family history of reading difficulties.
  7. Students with weak phonemic and phonological awareness which means they have difficulty matching letters to their sounds and find matching rhyming words difficult.
  8. Students with high verbal skills can show signs of reading and spelling difficulties.
  9. Students who confuse the direction of letters or even the order of letters. This is not always reversals but the disorientation of letter.
  10. Students who misread words that have some similar patterns such as tornado and volcano

There are many wonderful places to contact that can assess your child.

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