How teens can cope with bulling at school

Thousands of students can be affected by bulling at school for lots of different reasons. It could be the glasses you wear, your cultural background, your clothes, how you speak, your sexual preference or it could be for nothing at all, except that it makes the bully feel good. Bulling can make you feel awful and you may dread going to school every day or even go to your sporting practise because you feel frightened or humiliated. The bulling may be a new incident or it may have been going on for years. Whatever the case, you can do something to protect yourself or help someone you know who is being bullied.

Tell a trusted adult.

You need to talk to someone you trust about it immediately ( an adult, a parent, a teacher, a principal). Don’t worry about being called a “dobber”.  An adult can talk to the bully or his parents or the school and this has the highest success rate of having the bullying stop.

Clearly label what belongs to you.

Label your belongings with a permanent marker so that you or anyone else knows that it clearly belongs to you….just in case

Don’t show that you are affected.

Don’t cry or get mad and don’t show the bully that they are bothering you. Just walk away (as hard as that maybe, you need to show them you will not be affected by their stupidity at the time it occurs)

Don’t think you are alone and so don’t walk home alone.

You should never feel like there is no one that can help you and that you need to put up with this from a bully. Walk home or catch the bus with a friend. Or  if there is no one, ask an adult to walk you home or wait until an adult is walking in the same direction as you. This can deter the bully from approaching you.

Don’t go to the places where the bulling occurs.

Avoid places where you think the bully generally bullies you. If you think the bully is in a particular place avoid that place if you are alone. Make sure you are always with someone if you think the bully is around as usually they will not bully you if there is another person with youl.

Don’t bring expensive things with you.

Leave what is expensive at home like jewellery, electronics or special clothing items.

These are just some suggestions that may be helpful to help you reach out to someone and to raise awareness of what is going on. The most important thing you need to remember is that you should never feel there is no one to talk to……….there is always someone.

Call the kids help line: