Homework tips for parents

Kids tend to do better at school when their parents are more involved in their homework. Whether this be actively involved or just reading over it to get an idea of what the teachers are sending home. It shows students that what they are doing for school, at home is important.

Helping with homework, should not mean that you and your child are spending hours each night on their homework.  It means that you are being supportive and demonstrating and explaining how kids can be organised to successfully complete homework.

  1. Know the teacher’s expectations:

This may mean discussing, with the teacher the school’s homework policy and how you should be involved

  1. Set up a homework space:

Ensure that the learning space is brightly lit and that all their supplies are in one place (stationary). Make sure that there are minimum distractions eg TV, loud music, voices and their phones (social media is the biggest distraction),

  1. Time table of when homework should be done at home:

Ensure that your child has a regular time to do their homework. Look at their sport, dancing, tutoring schedule and work out with your child the best time to do their homework. This needs to reflect the time your child learns best (taking into account their age and their energy levels)

  1. Planning for homework:

If there are weeks where lengthy tasks or assignments are set, help your child schedule what they will complete over the course of the week to ensure they complete a little bit each night.

  1. Make sure you are not doing their homework for them:

Give your child suggestions or ideas to encourage them to think for themselves. Never do their homework for them as they will become dependent on you.

  1. Motivate your child:

You might ask your child what they did today, tell them that you are proud of them, give them incentives eg “ When you finish your homework, we can go for a bike ride, watch a movie, visit a friend ect

  1. Offer words of encouragement:

Make sure you praise your child for working so hard or display a great result on the fridge. Show them you are proud (We are all proud of our children’s efforts, but some of us need to hear it regularly)

  1. Is the homework too hard each week:

If you are finding your child is struggling with homework time and time again, make sure you see the teacher to let them know the struggles. Perhaps your child needs more explanation from the teacher or a modified homework task