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Frequently Ask Questions

Our Tutors tutor age 5 to university level students. We also cater for adults with an ESL background or adults wanting to brush up on their english reading and writing skills and math skills

We don’t just cater for students who aren’t performing well in school; we also work with high achievers. Whatever level your child is at, our individualised approach to learning needs will bring out students potential.

Yes. It is important the tables are learnt at an early age. Tables are the key for understanding all other mathematical concepts. Our Tutor ensure our maths students have tables practice scheduled into their lessons.

Our tutoring is just as effective for extension as it is for catching up.

Session times are organised around you and your child’s schedule and life style

We require 24 hours notice if your child cannot make the scheduled session as tutors need adequate notice. We’ll cancel your child’s tutoring session for that day and schedule a make-up session during the term.

Yes it does. Research has shown that on average students who had received tutoring improved by 0.79 standard deviations – enough to comfortably move a student one and a half grades. It could mean moving a student from a low D to a good C, or a low B to a good A grade.

Lest we forget, this level of improvement may be sufficient for the student to pass their exams or get the grades to go to their preferred school or university,

The length of time each student requires tutoring depends on the goals they set for themselves and the level of achievement they want to attain. Some students are tutored  for a couple of terms, and others  longer. It really depends on each student.

Yes tutors usually give homework, although it’s not time consuming. Homework  matches the topic your child is working on and help new facts and skills to move from short-term memory to long-term memory. For best results, we recommend you encourage your child to complete homework before their next tutoring session

Yes. The tutor will discuss the homework task with your child and ensure that he/she is clear on what to do. Seniors sometimes do their homework with their tutor, especially if it’s related to an area that they’re struggling with. However please remember that tutoring is about empowering students to do homework independently.

Definitely no. Our tutors work on the schools current curriculum and will support what your child is learning at school

Home Tutoring Melbourne provides private one-on-one home tuition through the Melbourne metro region. Forget the stress of taking your children to local tutoring centres, we come to you!

With over 10 years’ experience, we know what makes a good tutor.We have a large range of tutors to fit most people’s needs.

Our tutors are

  • qualified teachers,
  • university graduates with relevant degrees or
  • university students undertaking study in related disciplines.

Our private home tutors are able to assist with most subjects and levels(primary, secondary, university, and adult education (including E.S.L). Whether it is extension work or remedial assistance, our tutors will tailor the lessons to meet each student’s needs and expectations.

For Clients

The cost may vary depending on the type of tutoring, year level and amount of tutoring.

Methods of payment will be further discussed upon interest and through contacting us.

Tutors can be contacted through email

Yes! We plan our tutoring sessions to cater to individual students’ needs, whether it be an entrance exam, naplan testing or a school test

You can give us a call or complete the enquiry form on this web page. Enrolments take place throughout the year – even during the school holidays. There is no specific enrolment period.

Each session runs for 60 minutes.

Yes, we can help student with homework if students are finding it difficult.

Yes, sessions are booked on a weekly basis (Same day and time weekly)

No, we only take bookings for weekly sessions.

We assess our primary school children prior to commencing tutoring. Our secondary students do not require an assessment as their content is very specific and needs based. Primary aged students’ assessment can take up to 30 minutes which will take place during the students first session. The assessment will help us determine student’s current knowledge, strengths and challenges and gaps in learning. This will inform our teaching plan.

The assessment will be discussed with the parent/parents at their request.

Yes. Please ask your tutor to discuss this with you.

We tutor

-Prep to year 10 English, Math, Science, Humanities, Arts, Business

-Most VCE subjects

Homework will be allocated should parents request this.