Reading for some students can often be a chore and can be difficult for parents to encourage reading. Parents and teachers encourage reading for many reasons. Student may need to build up their decoding skills, vocabulary and comprehension ability. Students may need to be opened up to the wonderful world of books or they may just need to read as part of their homework. My reading tips may help motivate and encourage your child to read more often


  1. Reading Routine

Set a daily reading time that is consistent. This may develop a habit of reading every day and hopefully will lead to the child looking forward to this allocated reading time as a peaceful  and relaxing time.

  1. Create a reading place

Set the perfect setting with your child involved. This may mean a pile of cushions and pillows or an indoor reading nook. This will create a place where your child will feel comfortable and snug and sets the perfect setting for some good reading time.

  1. Expose your child to a wide variety of texts

Select reading material that will interest your child. They can choose from hundreds of different reading materials including:

  • cookbooks
  • joke books
  • social media
  • magazines
  • comic strips
  • newspapers
  • blog posts
  • tablet apps
  • Kindle books


Your child will soon find something that they love to read.

  1. Allow your child to select their reading material

Go to your local library or a charity shop and let your child spend some time looking through  a variety of books. Allow them to choose one that really appeals to them.

  1. Read aloud together

Reading aloud with your child might put some fun back into reading. You can take turns to read lines. You can show how you would use expression to show a character’s emotion. Modelling to you child how a fluent reader reads, helps them build up fluency also.

  1. Let your child see you reading

We are all so busy as parents, however do not under estimate the power of modelling quiet reading time to your child. Let them see you reading. Whether it be a recipe book, an instruction guide, a magazine, a newspaper or a BLOG, let them see you reading. This demonstrates that you value reading too.