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Get Started

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Booking a Tutor is simple ! Simply enquire online or call us to discuss your needs.

We aim to respond to your request within 1 business days. When you contact us, we will seek to confirm all information that we require in order to provide you with our services and match you with an appropriate tutor. Depending on the nature of your request, this may take between 1 and 5 working days. If you prefer attending our centre, then tutiton will commence once and assessment or interview is completed. If your prefer one of our tutors to come to you, once we have located a suitable tutor, we will call you back to discuss the range of options available to you and to book you in.We will refer your contact details to our tutor who will contact you directly

Your tutor will then become your point of day to day contact with Home Tutoring Melbourne. We will email or post to you a confirmation of your booking and other information to get your tutoring off to a good start. When our tutor contacts you, they will introduce themselves, ask you about your specific needs and arrange for the commencement of tutoring. Talk to your tutor about your preferred days, times and locations for tutoring and the number of hours that you require.

You should also talk to you tutor about what has been covered during tutoring and your child’s progress during sessions or if you need to cancel or change a session. Your tutor will normally bring everything that they need to each tutoring session. You can ask to see the tutor’s Working With Children card. We are here to help! If you experience problems with your tutor or the tutoring, contact Home Tutoring Melbourne directly.